1st Rotation Clubs Information for 8.21.19

S. Turner, Editor | Advisor

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  1. Science Club: If students are interested in joining Science Club, please send them to my room, G203 (upstairs / 2-story building). If they just want info, dues are $20 and include a t-shirt. — Ms. Lee Causey
  2. 4-H meets today in J109. Please allow anyone interested to come check it out! Dues are $15, and that includes a t-shirt. — Ms. Tina Johnston
  3. FBLA will NOT meet Wednesday, 8.21.19. We will try to reschedule that meeting, if possible. Any student who would like to join FBLA or pay for the FBLA Rally (Georgia National Fair, $35), please allow them to stop by Room G103 to sign up with Mrs. Chambers. Membership dues are $12 until August 30. After that date, membership dues will be $15. — Ms. Cassandra Mosley
  4. Math Club will NOT meet Wednesday, 8.21.19. — Ms. Savannah Plymel
  5. Leo Club has been added to the schedule for 1st Rotation. We will meet in the Cafeteria today. — Mr. Sterling Brantley
  6. L.A.D.I.E.S. of C.A. Gray (Ladies Achieving Daily Integrity Essential for Success): If you have any girls you would like to recommend to join the LA.D.I.E.S.  of C.A. Gray, please send me their names. Our goal is to work with young ladies and provide them with positive peer examples. The club is open to ANY girl interested in being part of a positive sisterhood. Please review the information to see if any of your students would benefit from the club: Advisors – Mrs. Almond, Mrs. Jackson, & Mrs. Smith. Meeting Location – C117. First Meeting will be August 28th. Fee –$20 (includes t-shirt). Our goal is  to develop character, leadership, self-confidence, and social consciousness, including the desire and ability to mentor others.
    Values: L.A.D.I.E.S. mentors and participants create a positive, affirming atmosphere where young women work towards their goals of achievement and economic independence. L.A.D.I.E.S helps young women to find their voice, define their goals and dreams, and establish support networks to move forward in the world with pride and self-confidence. L.A.D.I.E.S. provides support to the young women by helping them build safe and healthy relationships.
    Participants: Participants are committed to acquiring the skills at the Junior High level needed for graduating from high school and developing the academic and emotional skills necessary for future success. Participants plan for college by attending college tours, working on  practice applications and essays with L.A.D.I.E.S. mentors and improving their academic performance.