3rd Annual “Play with a Purpose” Students vs. Teachers Basketball Game — Wednesday, May 15

S. Turner, Editor | Adviser

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“Let’s face facts: Last year, our victory was taken from us in some bogus “5th Period.” We dominated every single aspect of the game, but somebody thought it was okay to give the students one more chance to come back… ending our wonderful “Redemption” game in a tiebreaker.

Now, we are back, and more ready than ever to break the tie and show them who runs this school.
If you are interested in playing on the Teacher team again this year (or missed out last year and want a chance to dominate on the court), please let me know. You can reply to this email or come see me in C113.  We will be having 2 games this year, one for 8th Grade and one for 9th Grade, so we could use as many players as we can get.” — Mrs. Felicia Richardson